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i'm not beautiful but this is me :)

okay, hari ni aku nk crite ttg dri aku pulak. full story. sblm tu, ini just bahan bacaan korg je kay? tak suka, sudah. tak pksa korg pun. hehe. enjoy my story :)

the name given to me is NURUL SYUHADA MOHAMAD DAUD. my age will increase every year on the 23rd September starting on 1995. i was born in Sarawak's General Hospital. i have 3 siblings under me. 2 bros and 1 sis. as you know the owner of me are Mohamad Daud bin Seri and Hayati bt Madawood. i've been taken by AMIRUL FAIRUZ MUSTAPHA since 1st March 2012. i love him so much. no one could replace his place in my heart. we have gone through the circumstances in our relationship. he is always there for me when i need him. when i'm happy and when i'm feeling down, he always supports me. we have been separated before and i don't want it to be happen again. without him, i might be losing someone to rely on. special about him, he accepts me they way i am, he loves me in any form i appear. i don't want to lose him ever again. and i want our relationship to be last till Jannah with the bless from Allah and our beloved family, insyaAllah. clear enough? haha. the story now begins, once upon a time.....

that's me. i'm not beautiful as you are. but i know what my are my potentials. you can judge me with anything you want. you only know my life but not my story. as the eldest of my siblings, i always be the scapegoat. if something goes wrong, they pointed their fingers towards me. yeah, i know as sister i'm the one who should be blamed. i'm tired being ignored. i hate being blamed. sometimes i feel that i'm useless. every single thing i do seems to be wrong in their eyes. until when i'm going to be like this? i also want my freedom like other teenagers. my life sucks!

they might see me smiling. but they don't know how much i suffers inside. i'm not a little kiddo anymore. i'm big enough too stand on my own feet. but, who cares about me? no one! i hate being treated like this. no one know what i feels inside. every time i face problems, i cried. when i'm tension i listen to musics and don't care about the peoples around me. they don't care about me so, why should i care? i've tried to be calm but i couldn't. i'm weak and i need some support. they always forbid me to get into some relationship. but why? i'm not a child. i also want to love and to be loved! 

i hope one day they understands my feelings. i hate being neglected, being ignored, being blamed. i hate the fact that they trying to care when they don't even know what the heck i really want in my life! i only need some freedom, some happiness. i want to be cared, i want to be understand. and i want to be respect! most important, i want to be like other teenagers! i'm tired being treated like this. i hope they quickly understands me.  i really hope my life story ends like the fairy tails that i used to read when i was small; 'and they live happily ever after.....'

heart story; Shyu Daud