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all about him - Amir Mustapha

Setiap apa yang ku buat
Setiap apa yang ku lakukan

Tidak risau pasal mereka
Walau apa yang terjadi padaku
Kerna ini semua untukmu
Untukmu, untukmu
Kerna ini semua untukmu

Untukmu, untukmu

AMIR MUSTAPHA... the one i love, the one i need, the one i miss the most. he took my heart since 1st MARCH 2012! if someone truly loves you, they wouldn't constantly make you feel like you're fighting for their attention. 

Percayalah engkau dihatiku
Aku tak berpura kau pun tahu
Satu permintaan kau berikan kesempatan
Untuk hidup denganmu

sayanggggg, only you stays in my heart. there is no other guy like you. your special in your own way. your my MR. DONALD DUCK. i really wants you to fill my heart forever. just like what you have said before; if we were meant for each other, our loves will stay. sayang, the way you look at me, the way you smile makes my heart bloom for you. i've been through all sorts of relationship, and i want you to be my LAST love. i promise, i will always love you till Jannah with blessings from Allah and our families. INSYAALLAH. 

Sayang dengarlah permintaan ku
Jangan ragu kan cintaku
Sayang percayalah apa kataku
Kerna ku sayang kamu

Sayang dengarlah permintaanku
Jaga hatimu untukku
Sayang dengarlah bisikan hatiku
Kerna ku sayang kamu

sayang, do you know that i don't care what people thinks about us but as long as we are together, you make me happy. there are many songs you gave to me, it's so sweet of you. our relationship will even more sweet if you sent your du'a to me through your prayer. i pray for our relationship will be long till Jannah in my prayer everyday. we might not like other couples which always holding hands or hug in public. but, the way you treat me makes me comfortable with it. you respect me as a muslim girl. thanks so much sayang. we only go crazy when texting and calling. when we met we are like best friends with a love relationship.

everyday i pray for you and our relationship

i hope our relationship will last forever with blessings from Allah and families. only you in my heart forever. i never doubt our love. only you my heart owner; Amirul Fairuz Mustapha

wishes from Nurul Syuhada Mohamad Daud